2 days in Georgia

Two-day trips are starting mainly at 9:00, and only this one starts at 8:30. We are finishing the program at 10:00 for the next day. This tour to Georgia includes the tours and a visit to the places of interest. It's a  great opportunity to get acquainted with the Georgian culture and history, geography and landscape, churches and monasteries, castles and fortifications. In the towns and villages you will feel the Georgian hospitality, taste delicious food of Georgian cuisine.
Learn about the tour below and book it!

At 8:30 the bus starts from Yerevan. You are crossing the Armenian-Georgian borders. We will explore the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Wonder in the old districts of the city which are structured like terraces, as well as take a walk in the narrow streets to enjoy colorful houses, patterned balconies and wonderful samples of modern architecture. We will start the tour from Metekhi church (13th century) facing the magnificent views over old Tbilisi. After lunch we enjoy the panoramic views of the whole town and through the ancient Narikala fortress (8th century), domed sulfur bath area – connected with the name of our city. We drive to visit the ancient capital and religious centre of Georgia – Mtskheta and see Jvari church (6th century) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th century) where the Robe of Christ is buried. Both of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Overnight at Astoria hotel in Tbilisi.

Again at 8:30 we leave, this time - Tbilisi. Our first stop is Borjomi resort, where we shall taste mineral, ride the local cable car. On our way Gori city and Uplis-tsikhe cave town are placed. After Borjomi we shall find ourselves in the historical Akhaltsikhe town to see the local Rabati castle (15th century). There the lunch will be organized. Afterwards the bus takes you to carved monastery and cave town called Vardzia (12th-13th centuries). The complex stretches 900 m along the cliff and has up to 600 habitable cells, chapels, baths, libraries. In the evening we are crossing Georgian-Armenian borders, and after a short visit to Gyumri we are in Yerevan.

Now about the prices. Your ticket includes the following:
* Hotel accommodation in 4 star hotel (1 night)
* Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
* Transportation service with wi-fi and AC (a minibus or a bus)
* Professional guide service
* Tickets for rope-way (Borjomi, Tbilisi)
* Tickets in museums (Vardzia)
All inclusive package costs $ 145 per person for double occupancy. The tours are organized only on Saturdays (7th of June - 8th of September).
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