Tsaghkadzor is a spa town and urban municipal community, located in the distance of 60 km far from Yerevan. It is the most popular health resorts in Armenia. Tsaghkadzor literally means valley of flowers or flower canyon in Armenian. 20 km afar Lake Sevan is located. The name is associated with the name of the nearby Tsaghkunyats (Flowers') Mountains, located to the west of the town. Tsaghkadzor is at a height of 1968 meters above sea level. It is surrounded with alpine meadows. Summers in Tsaghkadzor are characterized with mild climate, while winters are cold and snowy. Average winter temperature is -6 C (21 F), and some chilly winters it can be -21 C (-2 F). Despite the cold, it is very sunny in the town and ski resort area.

According to the legend, here was a castle, where prince and his daughter lived. She had a flower plant, where all the beautiful flowers of Armenia were collected. One day the wind blew the flowers, and she was very upset. Father decided to built a monastic complex, where the monks could pray for return of the flowers. They didn't come back, and the canyon started to be called as Tsaghkadzor - valley of flowers. What about the monastic complex, which exists here, it's dated back to the beginning of 11th century, known as Kecharis. The latter comes from the word kechi, which is birch tree in the Armenian language. Armenian kings used to send their army to this region to have their summer rest.

Mexico Olympic games started in 1968, on the elevation of 1968 metresFirst Armenian rope-way was constructed here, in the very same year, on the same elevation. A ski resort for Soviet sportsmen was built here. Now the rope-way has 5 lines. The current structure replaced existing soviet era lifts, mostly following their path. There were initially three consecutive lifts stretching from the foot of the mountain up till the mountain peak. In 2006 a fourth lift was added, stretching from the end of the first stage towards an opposite hilltop, thus adding two trails, both leading down to the foot of the slopes. The local zip-line is functioning since 2016-17 winter, which is 480 m + 630 m reversible rope.

Kecharis Monastery is a medieval monastic complex dating back to the 11th-13th centuries. Nestled in the mountains, Kecharis was a major religious center of Armenia and a place of higher education. Today, the monastery has been fully restored and is clearly visible from the ski slopes. The main group of the complex consists of three churches, two chapels and a gavit, to the west of which, a few dozen meters away, there is another church with its own vestry at the side of a road leading to the forest. There still are many tombstones around these monuments. On the southern wall of vestry an Armenian sun-clock can be seen. Lots of new pictures of saints were given to the monastic complex for 1000th anniversry of it, in 2003.

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