Lastiver zip-line

Lastiver is 147 km far from Yerevan, not far from Dilijan forest. The surrounding territories are covered with forests and green zones. The region is rich in rivers. Cave, desert, swift river, small and huge waterfalls, forest and wonderful nature. Tourists from abroad, as well as locals, choose a tour to Lastiver, come to see this awesome cave-desert. The road itself is very interesting and attractive, especially for extreme lovers. The cave is located on almost flat slope of the canyon. In order to reach the cave people had to construct a ladder, made of superposed logs. The ladder reminded a raft. From then on the location has been called "Lastiver", which is translated as "up the raft". There is a wonderful waterfall, noising in the bottom of the canyon. It is the inseparable part of local nature. 

Near by Lastiver, in Yenokavan village, Yell Extreme Park is located. As the first extreme amusement park in Armenia, it gives an opportunity to do extreme sports without being a professional. The first zip-line flight took place in July 2015 (the opening date of the Park is July 26, 2015), a year later in July 2016 the quantity of visitors surpassed 5000. In that period the activities were regularly accrued. Since November 2015 one can also para-glide or ride a bike in mountains. In April 2016 the Rope Park was opened, a place, where one can do a wide variety of sport elements such as rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses and zip-lines. Neither climbing techniques nor special physical fitness experience are necessary.

Lastiver Yell park is famous for its Zip Line, the first point of the park. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or attaching to the freely moving pulley. It has 5 different lines: 135m, 268m, 200m, 375m and 750m. The height is approximately 200-300 m above the ground. The average duration of the trip is 2 hours. Rope park is a place, which contains a wide variety of elements, such as rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses and zip-lines. Neither climbing techniques nor special/specific physical fitness experience are necessary. The park offers also paragliding, to allow the pilot to sit in a harness suspended below a fabric wing comprising a large number of interconnected baffled cells.

Soon two new activities adjoined the park - paintball and Off-Road tours. You can try your forces in paintball, and if you love speed, you can join our Off-road tours. Off-road is an activity that includes driving a vehicle off-road, riding on unsurfaced roads or tracks and overcoming gravel road surfaces, cobblestone and granite setts. In 2017 Rock Climbing, Outdoor quest and Via Ferrata were added as another extreme activities at our Park. In May, 2017, they started a crowdfunding campaign for the construction of the Longest Zip-line (2770 meters) in the world, which will be open in May, 2018 for 100th anniversary of Republic of Armenia. The employers are eager to make the visitors live in the moment with full enjoyment, have fun, enjoy themselves and feel the adrenaline!

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