5 days in Armenia (Tbilisi)

This tour to Armenia includes the tours of two Armenian states and a visit to the places of interest. It's a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Armenian culture and history, geography and landscape, churches and monasteries, castles and fortifications. In the towns and villages you will feel the Armenian hospitality, taste delicious food of Armenian cuisine.
Learn about the tour below and book it!

At 9:00 you are leaving Tbilisi, and in one hour your tour guide meets you in the Armenian border. We are going to show you the places of interest in Northern regions of Armenia. The bus takes you to Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, which are the first to appear in UNESCO world heritage list in 1996. There will be organized your lunch. On the way to Dilijan resort the next destination is Lori Berd castle, then a photo-stop in Vanadzor city, at Artsakh square and nearby Byzantine-style Russian church. The dinner is in Dilijan, and you spent here two nights, in Dilijan Paradise hotel.
In the morning you are visiting Lastiver, where you can ride a horse, or enjoy the zip-line or rope park (one of those three). Then you are visiting Goshavank monastery, and after your lunch - mountainous Lake Parz and Haghartsin monastery, all of them are in Dilijan national park. At the lake you will have a boat trip. Then back to Dilijan, where you will have your dinner and free time to take photos in old town, and back to your Paradise Hotel.
Take your all luggage, you are leaving Dilijan. First you visit Lake Sevan, where you will have time to swim and another boat trip is organized. Then the bus takes you to Tsaghkadzor, where you will have lunch and enjoy the local rope-way. The lunch time is close, and leaving Tsaghkadzor in one hour you will be nearby Garni temple & Symphony of Stones, a natural monument, where amazing rocks are formed in high-pressure conditions, from freezing and crystallization of volcanic lava. Here also lavash-baking will be organized. Then you are visiting Geghard monastery, which is a carved complex with two churches. In the evening, again at 19:00, you are in your hotel, but this time in Yerevan (Opera Suite).

Pack your valises, you are leaving to Jermuk resort! The road to it passes near by Ararat mountain, and your first stop is Khor Virap monastery. From there a beautiful panorama is opened to biblical Mount Ararat. You are continuing your trip to a medieval monastic complex Noravank through Amaghu river's gorge with beautiful rose-colored rocks and ancient caves. After lunch you are visiting Birds’ cave & Areni winery. Your overnight is organized again in the best local hotel - Jermuk Hyatt Place.
Again you are leaving for 2 days, this time to Artsakh! Your first stop is Kechut reservoir near by Jermuk, then beautiful Shaki waterfall. Then the bus takes you to ride the longest areal tramway in the world - Wings of Tatev, and see medieval Tatev monastery. After lunch you will see Goris town and Khndzoresk village, where you will cross the swinging bridge. Finally, the bus arrives in Yerevan, where you are checking in at your Opera Suite Hotel.

Good morning, you are going back today! First you will visit Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral, then Armenian Alphabet Alley on placed on Mount Aragats. Then the bus moves to medieval Amberd castle, where you will have the last lunch. After it you are leaving to the Georgian border, the trip takes almost 3 hours. At 20:30 you are in Tbilisi back.

Now about the prices. Your ticket includes the following:
* Transfer (Tbilisi-Armenia, Armenia-Tbilisi)
* Hotel accommodation in 4+ star hotels (5 nights)
* Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
* Transportation service with wi-fi and AC (a minibus or a bus)
* Professional guide service
* Visa to Armenia
* Tickets for rope-way (Tsaghkadzor, Tatev)
* Boat trip (lake Sevan, Crystal lake)
* Tickets in Garni museum
* Zip-line or other services in Lastiver

So, if you don't live in Tbilisi, you should buy tickets, taking into account this tour program. All inclusive package costs $ 880 per person for double occupancy, and only two days - on the 2nd of July and 13th of August, the tour will cost $ 770 per person. Please, let us know at least one month before. If the dates don't suite you, choose other 5-days programs from Yerevan: one for 
central and south, another for north and central.
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